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               Currently based out of Asheville, North Carolina, Vaughan Anderson has been blowing glass full-time for over 17 years. He has drawn inspiration from all things land, sea and sky.  Couple this with his love for celestial infinity and you find the building blocks for the form and structure that define his work today.

                Vaughan’s medium is borosilicate glass commonly known as Pyrex glass or hard glass.  This torch fired material is very resistant to scratching, scuffing, or breaking; it therefore lends itself well to durable and usable art.  His intricate and unique designs are the result of years of experience and creative forethought.

                In his current works, his love, and inspirations are brought to the front in his series showcasing the elements.  Seamlessly transitioning from deep within the ocean, to the far reaches of the universe, he “Wants to provoke thought, provide inspiration, and a doorway into the imagination of the viewer,” thus allowing them their own experience with each piece that he creates.